Top 10 Trending Badge Designs in the UK: Ultimate Guide

Collecting badges is not just a hobby, it’s a passion shared by thousands in the UK. At The Badge Boys, we understand your love for these tiny pieces of art, and that’s why we have array of badges that reflect the British spirit, culture and diversity. From popular British emblems such as the Union Jack, Royal Guard, Big Ben to trendy themes like London’s pop culture, Beatles, Dr Who, Harry Potter and more, we encompass the pulse of the country.

UK is known for its vibrant festivals and tradefairs. For such events, customised badges play a significant role in showcasing and promoting their unique themes. On our platform, you can find a collection dedicated to UK’s most loved festivals like Glastonbury, Nottinghill Carnival, or traditional occasions such as the Queens’s Birthday celebration.

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Not just that, badges are loved by everyone, be it kids or adults. For kids, we have a vast selection of popular cartoon characters, superheroes that they greatly adore. For the adults, we have badges related to important social causes, professions, and UK’s sports culture.

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